Oh Rhapsody…

Oh Rhapsody…

How fickle is your mood?

Changing with changing tides

From frolic to solitude.


Do you stop for a minute

To take a peak inside

Or to gaze at the skies infinite

To unearth what fate confides?


Do you see a pattern?

Governing your randomness?

Do you hear the chuckle?

Of the sways ruling your harness?


You are but life indeed,

Bemusing with its various shades,

Changing like changing seasons,

Playing your part in the charades.


8 thoughts on “Oh Rhapsody…

  1. Loved the last stanza particularly. I might have used, ‘chaos’ instead of ‘randomness’ to get the syllable count on the second line there to 6, like the previous two stanzas. But I like the subtle rhythmic shift in the final stanza.

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting… I didn’t realize the shift in syllables… that’s a good point.
      I somehow lack the ability of writing poems that don’t rhyme. Hence randomness and harness.. Perhaps I could have used a shorter word with a befitting rhyming word that fit the context. Thanks again! I really appreciate it. 🙂

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