The Hated (Voice Week 2 of 5)

He was the greatest challenge of my life. And every time he escaped, a bit of my confidence ebbed out. I had nightmares. I used to be scared he would die due to some other reason. I had to be the one killing him – not a disease, not a wild animal, not a stray bullet. Or I could not have reclaimed my life.

When I killed him, I felt alive again… assured of my existence.

I repent one thing though. The grace that my position demanded, kept me from kicking his body to my heart’s content.

I do that in my dreams.


This is my second entry for Voice Week 2012.

Voice week is a writing challenge hosted by BeKindReWrite to experiment with different voices. It’s the same story told from different points of view.

All my attempts are based on constant premise and characters, with only the perspective of the protagonist as variables. Based on the temperament of the protagonist, the tone of narration as well as his feelings towards his adversary change.

There will be 5 installments coming, one each day, from Oct 1st till Oct 5th.

I am loving this! 🙂


18 thoughts on “The Hated (Voice Week 2 of 5)

  1. This is cool, the different feelings in the same situation. Determination vs. desperation. Robbed of victory vs. regaining life. Wishing for resurrection to stem his curiosity, vs. wishing for further vengeance. These are aptly called “rascal” and “hated.” Fascinating.

    1. These are different voices on the same situation… different perspectives… the actors are same, only their viewpoints are different…
      In all my five entries, I am going to change only the perspective in the same situation…
      They are going to be different takes of the hunter for the hunted… Obsession, camaraderie, admiration and such…

      In fact, I think I should put this in my post as well to avoid confusion…
      Thanks! 🙂

  2. A range of emotions with this man. He kills because it is expected and necessary – but as a professional it must be seen to be … proper.

    1. I am attempting to voice the same situation differently… perceiving it differently with different temperaments of the narrator…
      Everyone has a way of looking at things a certain way, which is often governed by their inherent inclinations/experiences in life… this is an attempt to explore such nuances of human nature…
      Hope this explains! 🙂

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