The Mastermind (Voice Week 4 of 5)

It’s been 5 years since he is dead. The 15 years that I spent chasing him, were the most illustrious years of my life. Such was my obsession with that man that I didn’t even look up when my wife slammed the front door and exited my life forever… Not that I fancied him or anything… but while women, however hot, can be found in abundance, a mastermind like that is rare to come by.

At the risk of confirming anyone’s doubts about my sanity and… other things, I have to say, I miss him. I hope to see him in hell.


This is my fourth entry for Voice Week 2012.

Voice week is a writing challenge hosted by BeKindReWrite to experiment with different voices. It’s the same story told from different points of view.

All my attempts are based on constant premise and characters, with only the perspective of the protagonist as variables. Based on the temperament of the protagonist, the tone of narration as well as his feelings towards his adversary change.

There will be 5 installments coming, one each day, from Oct 1st till Oct 5th.

I am loving this! 🙂

15 thoughts on “The Mastermind (Voice Week 4 of 5)

  1. I’m finally catching up on the other Voice Week posts. I love what you’ve done with the challenge – same situation but a different personality for the protagonist(s?) each time. Each one feels completely believable and yet distinct. Can’t wait to read tomorow’s

    1. You got it right! That’s what all my entries are about… different perspectives from different temperaments..
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Genuinely hoping to see him in hell! I love his fascination with genius, the appreciation of the challenge of the chase. the villain who must have his hero. Love it!

  3. Looking forward to day 5.
    Loved that last line – “Hope to see him in hell.” Obviously these characters are such that they know their deeds will lead to just one place.

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