Damn you Sally!

He woke up with a jolt.

What time is it? Damn you Sally!

Head pounding, he got up opening the bedside table drawers urgently. His Beretta semi automatic was gone, as was his Glock 21. Fearing the worst, he rushed to the bathroom. Finding his sniper rifle in the bathtub with bubbles from Sally’s favorite body wash, rose petals scattered everywhere, made him shake with angry laughter. Pacing the room nervously, one hand massaging his head, his thoughts rushed to last night. Cursing himself, he hated the moment he went and sat next to Sally at the bar.

But what could he have done! That bar was no place for decent girls! There were men who would have taken his place and roughed her up before she could even look up. They were in check because they knew she was his girl… well sort of his girl. But how long could that fear keep them. He had to show she was with him. No, that was not wrong. What was wrong was to go out of the bar with her.

But what could he have done! There were too many desperate men inside! And alcohol was making them braver. Fuckin’ pigs! There wasn’t a pair of eyes not staring at her.He had to get her out of there before the situation got out of control. How many could he handle by himself?  And to what end? He could not afford any more trouble than he already was in. No, that was not wrong. What was wrong was to offer to walk her home.

But what could he have done! Leave her by herself in the deserted streets at that hour? She was shaken by what happened at the bar. He couldn’t tell her what was averted. He couldn’t ask her to go home alone in that state! She had come looking for him, hoping to see him again after months. Come clean Michael, give yourself to the law, do some term, I will wait for you. Silly girl! She has no fuckin’ clue how the world works! He had no choice but to take her home. No, that was not wrong. What was wrong was taking her to his place instead.

But what could he have done! She… she looked so beautiful. It had been so long since he had seen her.  And she was so consumed with fear and shock… she seemed harmless… He thought this time was different.

Damn you Sally! 


Inspired by this awesome song!


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