Fear Not!

The operation had begun; the incision knife had found its mark and the nurse daubed any blood that spurted from its tread. But Ishtar’s mind was elsewhere. As she stared at the incessant oxygen machine, trying to make sense of the O2 and N2O levels, she could not help but go back to the peaceful afternoon of a few hours ago.

She was sitting lazily by her window, the sound of a neighbor’s TV filling the alleyway.

An explosion… the roof gave in… Gun shots… pained shrieks of women and children.

Go back, leave my country! A man thrust his knife deep into her as she was struggling out of the rubble.

But this is my country too… Ishtar gasped weakly.


Fear not! For the crimson flag that proudly ripples in this glorious dawn, shall never fade…

She kept murmuring to herself as the pulse monitor’s beats slowed and finally froze into continuity.


I got too liberal with my word count on this one. It’s a 153 words mini story this time for Friday Fictioneers. I welcome generous (and polite) feedback and concrit.

Thanks Jan Morill for a very interesting prompt. Is this Europe? For some reason, places like Afghanistan, Turkey came to my mind when I looked at it, and hence the post!

Click on the prompt to get to the host’s (Madison Woods) page and also to check out awesome posts written by other Fictioneers!


42 thoughts on “Fear Not!

  1. Wow – very descriptive. I like how this operation and the cutting can be symbolic for a country divided (or maybe I’m reading into it too much, which I tend to do). This shows the desperation, futility, and insanity of war really well too.

  2. Very cool – I had to look up the reference to the Turkish anthem, but I like it when a story prompts me to do a little research. Funny how both of our stories brought us to Turkey / Turkish lands this week. Really nice job!

  3. Evidently, they are not content just to bomb the building, they have to stab survivors too. Don’t fret over the word limit. It’s just guideline to keep the stories short & sweet. Very well written.

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