Spite and Smite

“Needless to say…”

“Then don’t say it!” Clare interrupted.

He fidgeted his hands, checking each of his dirty black nails turn by turn.

“As you are well aware…”

“Get out!” Clare was beside herself with anger.

“You barge into my house whenever you feel like. Sometimes it’s disease, sometimes hunger, sometime plain disarray of thoughts. How long do you reckon I can carry your burden along with mine?” she was trembling.

“These are tough times sister, you know it. The war is on us, and the Yankees are looting our rails and stealing from our rich. Your husband was a noble man, he fought for our cause. I come here seeking refuge, offering help. These are not the times for a lady to live by herself. Let me take care of you”.

“You have always used words – tall and sincere, as garbs to hide your sinister motives behind. Do I not know it was you who turned against our men at the war? Do I not know you have squandered your wealth gambling with the Yankee soldiers you so yearn to be a part of and who treat you like the smut you truly are? The last of our men are leaving to fight, their heads held high, never looking back, knowing full well they may never see their wives, their mother, their sisters again. And you come here to hide? Don’t call me your sister or I will cut myself and bleed to death to shed the little drop of blood that connects me to you”.

Her words changed his demeanor. Preparing to leave, he picked up his hat and umbrella.

“Very well. May it be so. But remember when the war is over, I would be at your doorstep again, not to ask for help like today, but to offer you help that you would so badly need. I would be more generous sister, and then you would know better.”


This is my offering for Inspirational Monday this week hosted by BeKindReWrite.

I don’t know what prompted this bizarre piece.  It just came to me out of nowhere…

The Prompt I used is “Used Words”. Follow the link to know more about the challenge and take part or just read some other awesome entries for this week!

10 thoughts on “Spite and Smite

      1. The tenses are fine. Now that you ask, there are a couple of typos: You are missing a word in “She was beside her with anger” (should be “beside herself with anger”), and the “its” in “sometimes its disease” should be “it’s” with an apostrophe. Oh, one more, “he picked UP his hat.”
        That’s all I can see! I love that you open with an interrupted sentence – it just plunges us into the tension right away. ; )

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