The Lateness of the Hour

I left him that day when he didn’t turn up at the fair. Although the actual leaving part came much later, that was the turning point in our relationship – if it could ever be called that.

I couldn’t sleep that night. Angry but exhausted, I was too tired from pretending everything was alright, from telling everyone it was no big deal… that I understood. But the truth was I didn’t.

Not that I didn’t try.  Not that I didn’t give up.

Not that I didn’t look back. Not that I didn’t move on.

The actual leaving was much easier.


I am early for Friday. But I just got a story in my head and it was difficult putting it away.

The story and the title are inspired by a song I have been playing back to back since morning and of course the Friday prompt by Rochelle!

The picture belongs to Ted. It’s the kinds I like the most.. Capturing unaware life in action. Well done Ted!

Click on the prompt to follow the madness, or better be a part of it!

Also, enjoy the awesome song –


58 thoughts on “The Lateness of the Hour

  1. It seems he had a habit of not showing up and she had enough of his disrespect and rudeness. No excuse for it in this age of cell phones. Nice work, Parul.

  2. We all go through that process of thinking about it until we do it and then mulling it over after we’ve done it. You captured that whole indecision and questioning perfectly.

  3. The feelings of disconnect really come through with this: anger and confusion, then finally just not caring anymore. I like how she left before she really left.

  4. That is an awesome song, P. I’ve never heard of that guy, but I’m going to check him out.

    ‘I need to breath’… such an awful feeling… I’ve been there. Your words were well put.

    It is hard to stop when you get on a roll…

  5. Dear Parul,

    This submission of yours this week (story and song) is just fantastic. Already my favorite for reasons no one need ever know. Can’t thank you enough.



  6. WELL DONE!!
    Wow, so many of us have experienced those emotions just as you described but couldn’t put them to words.
    I was moved by the way you separated the physical leaving from the emotional leaving. They always happen at different times in a relationship, never in the same order.
    Another masterpiece!


  7. Yogi Berra was famous for saying “It ain’t over till it’s over,” but that’s not true. It’s usually over LONG before it’s over. Accepting the finality of it all is often the hard part. You captured the emotion of the moment perfectly. Well done!

  8. I’m new at the Friday Fictioneers, this is my second friday. I love reading everyone’s and learning from all the stories. I really enjoyed this one!

  9. A great story Parul.
    A lot of emotion in so short a piece.
    I liked the repetition of the word ‘not’ towards the end, almost a plea of ‘ I tried, I really did.’

    1. Thanks Jan.
      And yes, you are right, that song does get in your head. That’s the right way of putting it!
      It’s the singer’s debut album, I am looking forward to his future work.

  10. A very well written description of the anguish and emotion of ending a relationship. I liked the whole story, but I think this line tells a story of its own: “I was too tired from pretending everything was alright,”

  11. A very strong story. I wondered what was more important than her that she was supposed to understand. And yes, I’ve been there too. Emontional checkout long before bags are packed.

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