The Loquacious Confessor

Carl and I go a long way. We are more than friends, more than brothers. Our bond is more sacrosanct. Not Batman and Robin kinds, cos we are both Batman material. Of course we are not heroes by any stretch of imagination, but we get along just fine with whoever maintains the ledger of good and bad deeds for God. Or why would Carl still survive after that bizarre accident? Though he is in the hospital, multiple fractures etc.  but he is fine, nothing fatal. And I? I am talking to you, that’s a big thing. I had heard something snap in my back when our car had skidded from the bridge.

God bless you cops to get us out of the car before it became a big ball of fire. It was a fine car, had seen us through good and bad times alike. I don’t recall who we pinched it from, but it was an instant favourite. We knew keeping it would be risky, but we thought, what’s life without risks. We used to often say that if we ever got caught, it wouldn’t be because of any hole in our plan, or anyone ratting us out, it would be because of this damned car. But I have to say officer, that car was something. I bet if it didn’t blow up, you would have taken turns to drive it. Yeah yeah, I know it would have been an evidence. I have been in and out of prisons enough to know that. But that was before I met Carl. Incidentally, I met him inside when I was doing time for a little pick-pocketing. He was haggling over the price of a cigarette with Princy, the boy who supplied such stuff inside… Carl was short on cash. So I bought it for him and that sealed our bond forever. We did our time and promised to keep in touch, which wasn’t a difficult promise to keep since we liked each other a bunch. It’s been over three years since that day and we never got caught until now. We were a good team, Carl and I… not too greedy, not too ambitious. If we got enough to have our booze and impress our girls, we were happy. We always knew this would not go on forever, that we would get caught one day. We were fine with that, I mean, we chose this life, no complains.

Carl was the one with more zing in him. You know what I mean? He was the more likeable guy. More talkative. I don’t talk so much, I mean, what do you say to people you are meeting the first time? But Carl, he was a smooth operator. Oh the cons we pulled together! It took us weeks and weeks to stop laughing at some things… sometimes even more. He was a natural, so he always played the main lead. I used to take up the more concealed roles, like the driver, the laundry guy… the cop… no offence, but I was pretty convincing.

This job was for Carl’s girl. She wanted to even it out with a girl she worked with. We were going to just spook her a little, maybe swindle some money. It was a cheap job, way beneath our standards. But it was for Carl’s girl, so we thought, what the heck… and here we are..

Oh, what was your question again officer?

How do I know Carl?

You see, we are heist-minded.


This is my strange entry for Inspirational Monday hosted by BekindReWrite.

I am writing for InMon after an eternity! I hope to be more regular with it in future.

The prompt I used is – Heist-Minded.

If you read it, please let me know how you find it. I welcome constructive feedback, so feel free to throw in your two cents, I am here to learn.

Click here to get to the main post to catch up on the rules and entries from very able writers!

11 thoughts on “The Loquacious Confessor

  1. Con man to the max… self assured and spilling his guts without fear… morphed out and amazed he’s alive… I got the feeling he may be paralyzed… but, he knows he’s going back inside… or does he?

    I liked the part about them liking the car they stole and keeping it to use.

    I too, remember the days of just needing enough for booze and impressing girls. Fun to read, P.

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