Simple Things

Story 1 of 2(100 Words)

I wanted simple things – Scarlett, a farm and a house… mostly Scarlett.

Everything was great till Rhett came in our lives – The big city man of Cigars and Pinstripe Suits.

She left with him to New York City.

Ashley told me Scarlett’s in trouble.

Some said Scarlett deserved it. But that couldn’t deter me from leaving my town and coming to this filthy city of New York looking for her.

Now NYPD is hunting me and there are dead claiming I killed ’em.

Worst part…  Fulton Street or Times Square – coffee is always bad.

Oh Scarlett, what’ve you done!


Story 2 of 2(100 Words)

Simple things… why can’t we do simple things together?

I remember the scene like yesterday. She was standing near the fire place, the movie tickets turning to ash in the fire where she had thrown them.

Honey, bear with me this once. It’s complicated at work.

She shook her head and with tears trickling down her cheeks, stormed out of the house

I have been looking for her since.

Her phone’s been off. Her friends wouldn’t talk to me.

708 Fulton Street – this was where we met.

I come here every day now. Maybe one day she too will.


I was musing over 2012 when Rochelle posted the Friday prompt for this week.

The one word playing in my head over and over again ever since I starting mulling over 2012 was “simple”, as the year was anything but that for me, in every aspect of my personal and professional existence.

Like a single torture was not enough, I took the liberty of writing two stories this week with the word as a common theme. Apart from that, these are works of fiction and have no resemblance with anyone – living or dead, connected with me.

Do let me know what you think of them, which one worked better, if any. Also constructive feedback on my writing is welcome. I would be very happy to learn something new.

Friday Fictioneers is an excellent forum for people looking to have fun as they learn the nuances of writing. Every Friday a bunch of us write 100 words (no hard rules there) for prompts posted by Rochelle who runs the show.

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This week’s photo prompt comes from Jean L. Hays.

Copyright Jean L. Hays