“How was the party m’love?” Dad asked Lorita.

“No place for a twelve year old as I had told you earlier too Dad. I had to baby-sit her all evening!” Stella complained before Lorita could open her mouth. “Jeff was chasing Renae and Maggie and I was stuck with your love.” She continued petulantly, throwing her clutch bag on the couch and sliding her stole to the ground.

“What? Renae and Maggie? You insult me sister. If you didn’t notice, they were chasing me, like the rest of them,” Jeff came out of the bathroom, struggling with one of his cuff-links. “You were the one devouring Scott with your eyes. Too bad he wasn’t paying attention.”

“Enough both of you! You just need a reason to fight. As if you were not noticing, I was talking to your younger sister here. So sweetling, how was your first late evening party?” Dad asked Lorita again.

Lorita took a long breath and rolled her eyes. “It was so boring. Stella told Renae she looked beautiful, Renae told Maggie she looked ravishing and both of them told Stella she had a glow and they all started laughing. Scott came with his girlfriend who laughed like a hyena according to Stella, though she sounded alright to me. And Jeff found a mirror on an adjoining pillar where he practiced his annoying pout ALL EVENING, or at least whenever he got a chance. And you know what was worse Dad? These guys didn’t have dessert! They didn’t even ask me if I wanted to have it! I am never going with them again.”

Stella and Jeff stood amused. Jeff rested his elbow on Stella’s shoulder and whispered loudly in a fake scientific tone “The subject shows human behavior in privacy. Though subdued, almost vegetative in public, it has a great flair of recollecting incidents where it passed unnoticed otherwise.” He slouched and walked closer to Lorita and she started laughing. “Oh look, it has teeth!”

“Get away from her Jeff. She is my fearless child; she has fangs and claws too!” Dad chimed in.

“Come, I will give you your dessert. There’s some chocolate mousse in the fridge.” Stella kicked her sandals aside and walked to the kitchen.

Dad smiled, an embracing warm feeling filled his heart. He loved his kids, and better still his kids loved each other.


This is my entry for Inspirational Monday this week hosted by BeKindReWrite – first this year (not proud of it). I have used the prompts – “it has teeth” and “fearless child”.

Inspirational Monday is a word-prompt challenge with no word limit where various word prompts are given to choose from and spin a story around anytime before the next Monday. You have the creative freedom to use the prompt anyway you like. It is an enjoyable exercise and worth trying!

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