“We need to take a Lean Trace across to assess the system performance; right now it looks like we are making too many expensive hits on the database.”


And my heart wanders again. It’s almost a year since I last saw her, almost a year since I met her the first time. I have lost count of how often I have thought of her since. It’s not just the pretext of a dragging work meeting that took me to her today, I have thought of her on happy days, busy days, days nothing was going right. My mind doesn’t need a reason to surge past the immediate, down the dusty memory lanes and alleys to see her again, to feel her like I felt her that day.

I just need to close my eyes and she is wrapped in my arms like that day – her warm cuddle spreading through my body, her nails digging in my shoulders, I taking in her slow and rhythmic musky breath, staring in her eyes…  those big black emeralds looking at me with complete understanding. It seemed like I knew her since eternity, like she knew me the way no one else ever did or would.

I would never see her again perhaps, I could ask around but I could never be sure. But it’s alright, as in a place no one can touch or mar, I meet her every other day. She is still the scared babe who clung to me like her life depended on it. I still see her staring at me, reassuring me. I will never forget that, even if Trace never remembers.


As is self evident, Trace was a 2 month old female Koala I hugged at Lone Pines Sanctuary in Brisbane last year. She was so adorable that I miss her almost every day! I wish I could rewind and replay that moment over and over again!

Few pictures of me and Trace:


6 thoughts on “Trace

  1. How lucky you are to have that memory. Brings to mind some of the pets I have had.
    Thanks for visiting the whole A & J series thing. We are having fun with it.

    1. It is a very special memory for me, thanks for reading this.
      The series is shaping up very well, the pleasure was entirely mine. I look forward to future episodes! 🙂

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