From One to Another (Voice 5 of 5)

Dear Anita,

Hope this letter finds you in good spirits.

Jake handed me your story last week. I really enjoyed it. It took me to a different world, I swam in its waves –  sinking with its troughs and surfing with its crests. You have the gift of imagination, and an eye for detail. Hold on to your dream, Anita, it is a beautiful one – one that will come true if you persevere with it.

You asked for my advice in your letter. I could say many things, but would it be wise? I could, as you asked, tell you how I would have written the story, but then it would not be your story anymore. 

You draw inspiration from your surroundings; I can picture you writing a story before you even touch a pen. That’s how I too was once, before success acquainted with me. With success came its close pals caution and conformity. There will come a stage in your life too, when these three will follow you closely, guiding your every step. Until then, my only advise is experiment, discover, let your imagination run wild and somewhere amidst those wonders… find yourself! 

You have my best wishes and I would be happy to read your stories in future as well. I am sorry if my letter disappoints you, if you were expecting more concrete answers. Writing is a journey and takes its own course. There will be a stage when you will be ready with different, more pertinent questions – I will be happy to help you find your answers then. Until then, try your heart out and write whatever catches your fancy.

On a different matter, and I am taking some liberty here, Jake mentioned you are reclusive at school.  While it is said to be typical of writers to be aloof in their dealings with the world, it is nothing but a sorry stereotype.  Reach out to people, open up to them. You will be surprised how that would impact your writing. You could start with Jake, he dabbles in writing too, you two have something in common.

Looking forward to more stories.

My Best…


356 words (!)

I decided to write a longer entry this time… About 250% more than my usual… 😛

I have come to the realization that writing longer than 100 words has become as difficult for me as trimming to 100 words used to be once! Who would have thought! :/

This is my final entry for Voice Week 2014.

Voice week is a writing challenge hosted by Stephanie of BekindRewrite to experiment with different voices.

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14 thoughts on “From One to Another (Voice 5 of 5)

  1. Really well done. She definitely sounds like the seasoned writer, giving encouraging but careful advice. I thought it was a nice little layer you included with the part about caution and conformity – a sad addition to the life of a successful writer. I hope this author finds the motivation and courage to break free from that. Perhaps her own students will inspire her.

    1. Does she sound like a seasoned writer? I was really scared doing this.. I was trying to portray someone I aspire to be.
      Thanks for the wonderful event!

  2. This was really beautiful, and I like that you changed the style of the voice by presenting it as a (beautifully written!) letter.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful voice this Voice Week. 🙂

  3. She’s a loquacious one! And a nice one, though a bit worn down, I think. I like the tone.

    There are some phrases that are odd, though. “one that will come true if you persevere it.” I think she means persevere “in” it, as persevering it sounds like she is telling the girl to suffer through her own dream.

    The rest are mostly omissions of punctuation that would clarify the flow and meaning.

    1. persevere with it! Yes, yes… I will edit right away…
      And the punctuation… humm… it is my weak point.. thanks for paying close attention, I appreciate that your didn’t just glance through 🙂
      I need to work on my punctuation, let me know if you have some advise! Thanks very much for stopping by!

  4. That last paragraph, though…so real. I loved every bit of this–I wish every writer could have this kind of mentor figure. Pleasure to read this week, and every extra word was worth it!

  5. Mum is wise but also still human – that last slightly interfering paragraph is fantastic! Great voice, and I share your struggles with going over 100 words. Let’s see how NaNoWriMo treats me in a month!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I never thought that the 100 word challenge would become a bigger challenge to overcome one day. I need to break away and practice writing longer, juicier sentences! Now when I read some of my old posts, I wonder if it was really me! I used to have a problem of writing long sentences earlier. Seems I have crossed the whole spectrum to come to the other side!
      All the best with NaNoWriMo and thanks for stopping by!

  6. Oh, excellent! I like this voice. You successfully accomplished your goal: she sounds like an older, published writer giving careful advice.

    So, she advises Anita to open up to Jake. But in Part 2 he did not seem like he was interested in becoming her friend AT ALL. I should like to know how he would react if Anita followed his mother’s advice! There’s more to this story, I think. 😀

    1. haha.. hmm… maybe that could amount to something.. 🙂
      thanks for topping by and reading the stories. I appreciate you taking the time out and providing valuable concrit. 🙂

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