A Childhood

Some chatter, a caress
Laughter, eyes rolling
Secrets, Promises
Curious exploring

Vivid dreams
Active passive
Books, board games
Cartoons, comics

A brother, an angel
A baby, so beautiful
A tear, a smile
A friend for life

Singing, Dancing
Playing, Fighting
Forgiving, Forgetting
Being, living

Ideas, imaginations
Future evaluations
Philosophical dabbles
“Serious” discussions

A childhood, a flashback
Maddening, blissful
Unthinking, unflinching
Confusing, simple

Oh Rhapsody…

Oh Rhapsody…

How fickle is your mood?

Changing with changing tides

From frolic to solitude.


Do you stop for a minute

To take a peak inside

Or to gaze at the skies infinite

To unearth what fate confides?


Do you see a pattern?

Governing your randomness?

Do you hear the chuckle?

Of the sways ruling your harness?


You are but life indeed,

Bemusing with its various shades,

Changing like changing seasons,

Playing your part in the charades.

Bo Peep in the City

What is this place? Wondered Bo Peep,

No rivers, no streams, no peaks so steep!

The grasslands are missing; no soul on the streets,

The paths are hard, made of concrete.

The houses are tall, the doors shut tight,

The trees are few, with no birds in sight.

What is this place? How did I get here?

My wretched sheep! She cursed in fear.

Bo Peep had walked long, her mouth was dry,

She looked for a spring or a stream nearby.

She looked all around, her throat now parched,

A tap went past, but on she marched.


Thought of trying something different this Friday… 😀

98 words for Madison’s Friday Prompt:

Vantage Point?

Save the Song

I will be gone

But save my song

And hear it when it’s been long.

Not to trouble you, not to cause pain

Not to put your frail heart under any strain

But just so it wasn’t all in vain.

I wrote that song for the times that were,

Since can we go back and make it blur?

Or can we move forward like it was never?

It was there then and now it’s gone

Let’s raise a toast and cherish our song,

And pray we get where we truly belong.

Save the Song?

Save the song?

Are you insane!

All you ever gave me

Was hurt and pain.

Your song is for you

It was never mine

Your treachery cut deep

Though your words were sublime.

You should reach

Where you truly belong

Good riddance,

Farewell to your song.


This is an attempt for “Inspirational Mondays” series hosted on  Be Kind Rewrite blog. The prompt for this post can be found here.

Since it’s my first time, not sure if I did it right! But I’d rather try and fail and learn than sit and watch from a distance! 🙂

In my beautiful dream

In my beautiful dream,
I go where it had all begun.
I dance on the starlit stage,
And I run in the corridors so open.

In my beautiful dream,
I see you in all your glory,
Resplendent and shining,
Preserved timelessly.

In my beautiful dream,
You let me be me,
As I recall the events,
As they were supposed to be.

In my beautiful dream,
I go back in time,
And find you just as you were,
Like an enchantment so sublime.

In my beautiful dream,
I sit and talk and talk,
I say things I once spoke,
Or things that were only thought.

In my beautiful dream,
You keep coming back,
And I feel so happy,
Because you make up for what I lack.

Could time be reversed?
And things put back in place?
Maybe in another dream.
Maybe in another space.


In memory of my school.

The Outcast

He squinted his eyes to see,
The temple that stood afar
It was a grand structure,
Shining in dark like a star

He was an old man,
His way of life was fatigue
He gazed at the structure,
The temple held mystique

With uncertain steps he moved,
To the grandeur that lay ahead
He had no cane or stick,
No friend, and no surrogate.

On his way he saw great men,
Each one beautiful and pristine
With each step he regretted,
The audacity that had seemed so green

He searched for looks of hatred,
As the temple came near
But all he saw was indifference,
Something more severe.

He was treated like an equal,
Like he had wanted all along.
He was given time to pray
that was ample and equally long.

He stood there rooted,
The marble burning his bare feet
The light was too bright
He wanted to hit the streets

The sages gave their blessings,
The deities observed with a smile
The breeze was friendly and soothing
The greeting voices held no guile

The old man had lived too long
To take the changes kindly
He cursed one and all
And got out of the temple slyly

He did not care to pray
To the pantheons that resided
He missed out on his chance
Denying the acceptance he fighted…

P.S. “Fighted” I know is not a word. It was used to make the poem rhyming.”Poets” enjoy such liberties… 😛

Posted this elsewhere on Sep 25th 2007. It just came rushing to my mind today. And I am not surprised by the sudden rush, which in itself, is a surprisingly sad fact if looked closely.

Quest for Eldorado

‘This is the most graceless end expected’ said I, while she stared in vacuum smiling vacantly…’ No, this is the most unexpected graceless end possible…’ I corrected myself, while she continued to stare in vacuum smiling vacantly…

A yet another knitting out of obsessive compulsive pursuance of my otherwise dim cerebrum.

He lay there shunned by silence,
Gazing through watery eyes…
He strained to see through the distance,
Defiant muscles refusing to rise…

He tried hard to listen,
The bugle that never played…
He gathered his sprits to summon
The courage to move ahead…

But Ahead reached nowhere,
With darkness all around…
‘It went wrong somewhere’
He could hear the voice growing loud…

’I began with the purest heart,
I pursued it till the end’
But the voice now testy and tart
Shouted, ’Then name thy fiend!’

‘The Wind!’   fought back poor traveller…
‘The wind, it blew so hard,
I lost my strength and fervor,
Trying to know the will of Lord’

This time the voice said nothing,
A shrill laugh filling the void,
‘So how is it dying and rotting,
After all the dreams you foiled?’

He closed his eyes in submission
Tasting his mud soaked blood…
‘I followed The Lord’s rendition’
Were the last of his words…