6 years…

6 years at WordPress

I joined the bandwagon that’s wordpress 6 years ago.

I had come from blogspot (or is it blogger now?), where for no fault of blogspot, I had made a mess of my blog. A teenager with a lot of nervous energy, I had made my earlier blog a place to rant about the unfairness of the little world I had seen till then. About the hardships a student faced in her Engineering College – assignments and college magazine publishing and general fest politics  (that’s how serious it was). I used to write when I was disappointed, or when I was angry or when I was plain bored.

Then one fine day I sat down to read my old posts and it dawned on me that they were not only pointless and nonsensical, but also for personal consumption on a rainy day. So I buried those old skeletons and fled the crime scene to reach the new and promising land of WordPress.

I called my blog “Austere Alacrity” – to constantly remind myself that I was not to repeat my old mistakes here. Besides, I love alliterations (who doesn’t?). This blog was to be strictly enthusiastic about writing. So there’s hardly anything personal on this blog. Of course it is a reflection of my personality and my experiences in life, but it’s not a personal journal of my life’s current affairs.

Fearing a mere blog title won’t be enough, I resorted to my limited french knowledge (and Google translation) to put a tagline to my blog – “Sang-Froid Est De Rigueur”, which I believe means ‘Calmness is very important’. ( If you know better, please don’t break my myth, because I won’t change my tagline. It’s way too cool and I really like it.)

So, that was that and now it’s been 6 years here! I won’t say it seems like yesterday, because it doesn’t. 6 years have felt very long. In fact, I don’t remember my lanky, careless blogspot days at all (it’s called selective memory ;)). This blog has become a deeply ingrained part of my being and it’s commendable that a person like me has kept up with it for 6 years without thinking even once “What the hell am I doing here?!!”.

It’s crazy to write fiction given the world I come from. Very few people know that I write, and fewer that I write fiction. Hardly anyone from my immediate family knows about/visits this place. Given the nature of my day job, it is inconceivable for most people to imagine I have a blog of this kind.

But crazy is good right? Right??

We’ll find out… Cheers!