Crossing the Rubicon… Almost…

I never thought this day would ever come but I forgot my blog’s password today.

For a very long time, I have been flirting with the idea of blogging again… On and off, I would keep visualizing my post, I would think of the title, what theme it would be, would it be a fiction, or a personal account giving an excuse for my long absence (I roll my eyes on that one. Who would be waiting on my blog for an excuse really? And how many times have I been excused already?)

But I crossed the Rubicon today… well almost. I read someone’s post and wanted to like it which prompted me to login and I drew a blank at the password. I tried and tried, nudging my fingers into typing on memory, and regretfully clicked on the dreaded ‘Forgot Password’ and I thought to myself – if this didn’t stir me into action, nothing would.

I will write something good another day, maybe throw in an excuse or two for this post also. But today I just write. I sit on a chair, boot up my laptop, login to my blog and just write.

I don’t want to cross this Rubicon, not yet… for I write, therefore I am.

6 years…

6 years at WordPress

I joined the bandwagon that’s wordpress 6 years ago.

I had come from blogspot (or is it blogger now?), where for no fault of blogspot, I had made a mess of my blog. A teenager with a lot of nervous energy, I had made my earlier blog a place to rant about the unfairness of the little world I had seen till then. About the hardships a student faced in her Engineering College – assignments and college magazine publishing and general fest politics  (that’s how serious it was). I used to write when I was disappointed, or when I was angry or when I was plain bored.

Then one fine day I sat down to read my old posts and it dawned on me that they were not only pointless and nonsensical, but also for personal consumption on a rainy day. So I buried those old skeletons and fled the crime scene to reach the new and promising land of WordPress.

I called my blog “Austere Alacrity” – to constantly remind myself that I was not to repeat my old mistakes here. Besides, I love alliterations (who doesn’t?). This blog was to be strictly enthusiastic about writing. So there’s hardly anything personal on this blog. Of course it is a reflection of my personality and my experiences in life, but it’s not a personal journal of my life’s current affairs.

Fearing a mere blog title won’t be enough, I resorted to my limited french knowledge (and Google translation) to put a tagline to my blog – “Sang-Froid Est De Rigueur”, which I believe means ‘Calmness is very important’. ( If you know better, please don’t break my myth, because I won’t change my tagline. It’s way too cool and I really like it.)

So, that was that and now it’s been 6 years here! I won’t say it seems like yesterday, because it doesn’t. 6 years have felt very long. In fact, I don’t remember my lanky, careless blogspot days at all (it’s called selective memory ;)). This blog has become a deeply ingrained part of my being and it’s commendable that a person like me has kept up with it for 6 years without thinking even once “What the hell am I doing here?!!”.

It’s crazy to write fiction given the world I come from. Very few people know that I write, and fewer that I write fiction. Hardly anyone from my immediate family knows about/visits this place. Given the nature of my day job, it is inconceivable for most people to imagine I have a blog of this kind.

But crazy is good right? Right??

We’ll find out… Cheers!