Friends for all seasons!

This was a super extended weekend and I made the most of it by meeting two of my dearest friends from school. While I keep meeting one of them every now and then (to my utmost pleasure!), I was meeting the other one after almost 8 years! It has been about 3 days now, but I am still basking in the glory of my friend (who was seeing me after 8 years) telling me that I have not changed at all except for becoming less serious and more expressive… so that’s progress! 😀

It is at times like these that the unsocial animal that I am, can’t help but concede that being social is a fundamental necessity of our breed. Imagine a life with absolutely no one to share a careless laugh with, or no one to share an embarrassing incident with! What would you do with an otherwise unnoticed comical observation if there was no one to share it with later? And imagine carrying the burden of all the pathos of life on your frail shoulders all the time!

Being a strong patron of solitude and personal space, I am quite amused by my admission to such thoughts and ideas. Perhaps it is a recent revelation, but I doubt that it’s a recent development. One needs pals, all the time!

The younger the age at which we make our buddies, the more pristine and guileless the equation is. For example, I can’t imagine saying things I say to my closest buddies in jest to someone I meet now. This perhaps is a very common observation, but I can’t help but wonder, when all of us feel the same, what makes us open up with the old buddies and act like an epitomized version of etiquettes with the rest of the world?

Whatever it is, I wouldn’t care to know.

As long as the few who matter are abreast, I shall happily sail through the rest!  🙂