The Loquacious Confessor

Carl and I go a long way. We are more than friends, more than brothers. Our bond is more sacrosanct. Not Batman and Robin kinds, cos we are both Batman material. Of course we are not heroes by any stretch of imagination, but we get along just fine with whoever maintains the ledger of good and bad deeds for God. Or why would Carl still survive after that bizarre accident? Though he is in the hospital, multiple fractures etc.  but he is fine, nothing fatal. And I? I am talking to you, that’s a big thing. I had heard something snap in my back when our car had skidded from the bridge.

God bless you cops to get us out of the car before it became a big ball of fire. It was a fine car, had seen us through good and bad times alike. I don’t recall who we pinched it from, but it was an instant favourite. We knew keeping it would be risky, but we thought, what’s life without risks. We used to often say that if we ever got caught, it wouldn’t be because of any hole in our plan, or anyone ratting us out, it would be because of this damned car. But I have to say officer, that car was something. I bet if it didn’t blow up, you would have taken turns to drive it. Yeah yeah, I know it would have been an evidence. I have been in and out of prisons enough to know that. But that was before I met Carl. Incidentally, I met him inside when I was doing time for a little pick-pocketing. He was haggling over the price of a cigarette with Princy, the boy who supplied such stuff inside… Carl was short on cash. So I bought it for him and that sealed our bond forever. We did our time and promised to keep in touch, which wasn’t a difficult promise to keep since we liked each other a bunch. It’s been over three years since that day and we never got caught until now. We were a good team, Carl and I… not too greedy, not too ambitious. If we got enough to have our booze and impress our girls, we were happy. We always knew this would not go on forever, that we would get caught one day. We were fine with that, I mean, we chose this life, no complains.

Carl was the one with more zing in him. You know what I mean? He was the more likeable guy. More talkative. I don’t talk so much, I mean, what do you say to people you are meeting the first time? But Carl, he was a smooth operator. Oh the cons we pulled together! It took us weeks and weeks to stop laughing at some things… sometimes even more. He was a natural, so he always played the main lead. I used to take up the more concealed roles, like the driver, the laundry guy… the cop… no offence, but I was pretty convincing.

This job was for Carl’s girl. She wanted to even it out with a girl she worked with. We were going to just spook her a little, maybe swindle some money. It was a cheap job, way beneath our standards. But it was for Carl’s girl, so we thought, what the heck… and here we are..

Oh, what was your question again officer?

How do I know Carl?

You see, we are heist-minded.


This is my strange entry for Inspirational Monday hosted by BekindReWrite.

I am writing for InMon after an eternity! I hope to be more regular with it in future.

The prompt I used is – Heist-Minded.

If you read it, please let me know how you find it. I welcome constructive feedback, so feel free to throw in your two cents, I am here to learn.

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Spite and Smite

“Needless to say…”

“Then don’t say it!” Clare interrupted.

He fidgeted his hands, checking each of his dirty black nails turn by turn.

“As you are well aware…”

“Get out!” Clare was beside herself with anger.

“You barge into my house whenever you feel like. Sometimes it’s disease, sometimes hunger, sometime plain disarray of thoughts. How long do you reckon I can carry your burden along with mine?” she was trembling.

“These are tough times sister, you know it. The war is on us, and the Yankees are looting our rails and stealing from our rich. Your husband was a noble man, he fought for our cause. I come here seeking refuge, offering help. These are not the times for a lady to live by herself. Let me take care of you”.

“You have always used words – tall and sincere, as garbs to hide your sinister motives behind. Do I not know it was you who turned against our men at the war? Do I not know you have squandered your wealth gambling with the Yankee soldiers you so yearn to be a part of and who treat you like the smut you truly are? The last of our men are leaving to fight, their heads held high, never looking back, knowing full well they may never see their wives, their mother, their sisters again. And you come here to hide? Don’t call me your sister or I will cut myself and bleed to death to shed the little drop of blood that connects me to you”.

Her words changed his demeanor. Preparing to leave, he picked up his hat and umbrella.

“Very well. May it be so. But remember when the war is over, I would be at your doorstep again, not to ask for help like today, but to offer you help that you would so badly need. I would be more generous sister, and then you would know better.”


This is my offering for Inspirational Monday this week hosted by BeKindReWrite.

I don’t know what prompted this bizarre piece.  It just came to me out of nowhere…

The Prompt I used is “Used Words”. Follow the link to know more about the challenge and take part or just read some other awesome entries for this week!

The Trap

“Have you ever been trapped?” a young deer walked up to another and asked.

“Funny you ask, I have been trapped in a fashion I haven’t heard anyone get trapped so far… that I am here to tell the story shows God was on my side” the other replied.

He continued, “I used to dwell in a faraway forest, beautiful with its rivers and streams and greenery. If you notice, I look a little different from you. My skin shines in the sunlight – a reason why I don’t get adventurous in the day, it’s difficult for me to hide from the predators. I look different from you because this is not my native place. Back in the old forest, where I was born, I have many like me. My mother and my father still live in that forest.” The deer bent to drink water from the lake. Looking at his reflection he got lost in thoughts.

“So, how did you get trapped?” the young deer interrupted.

The golden one seemed distracted. “I feel lonely sometimes. I feel life is done for me. I am away from my home and no one wants me there except the trap. But I miss them; I miss the times when the trap wasn’t there. Now that the trap is there, there is little space left for anything else in their hearts or mine.

I know from your face that you are exasperated. No one here talks to me much, and you came out of the blue and touched a sensitive nerve. I know you just meant small talk and expected either a drawl of an escaped hero or a wide eyed shudder of a sheltered ignorant that you would have accordingly reciprocated. Mine’s a different story however.”

The young deer shook his head vehemently in his attempt to fake interest in the story. The deer took a long sigh and continued.

“I was a happy child with an honest open heart. I made friends easily and loved them like my own. Once there came a pack of wild dogs and surrounded my friend who was recuperating from an injury. While the others ran away, I stood in front of my friend, eyes wide open with fear but feet held on the ground, shielding him. I don’t remember what noise made them scamper away, but the moment they were gone, I collapsed on the ground unable to stand on my knees. Everyone except my mother was happy about my spirit. She on the other hand scolded me for being so brave. She said no one deserved such goodness, that I should only fend for myself. But I never understood and went about making friends and embracing them through rain and shine.”

“The forest we lived in had a little hill dividing it into two. None of us ever ventured to the other side. This ignorance fed fear and evil stories of what lied on the other side were passed on from one generation to the other. Once as I was resting under a tree overlooking the hill I caught glimpse of a beautiful doe. She was an angel with big hazel eyes. She was so close to the hill top that I stood up with a start and called out for her. Seeing me she got even more scared and dashed to the other side of the hill. I panicked and ran after her but she was already gone. I waited at the foot of the hill for a long time but she did not return. Fear gripped me. I decided to walk up to the top of the hill and peak to the other side. If she would be close by, I would drag her to this side and mother would take care of her.  I trudged on, scared and worried. Standing just before the peak, I stretched my neck to take a look from a distance. I saw her. She stood at the foot on the other side busily telling her friends about something, pointing towards the peak of the hill. She was fine; in fact better than how I had seen her earlier. There were many like her, like me, on that side. That side of the forest was just like ours. Gaining some courage with this revelation, I stood at the hill top, fully exposed to the other side and shouted, “Oi! You alright?”  She looked up and blushed as her friends started nudging her mockingly. Not knowing what to do and still not too sure about setting foot on the other side, I turned and went back home.

I told my friends about what happened. I told them the other side was just like ours. They listened in awe and disbelief, asking me the details and then shaking their heads and saying I must have been dreaming. When the elders got to know, they got worried. Their beliefs could not be so wrong. They decided to take matters in their hands and gathered in my house. Instead of listening to what I had seen, they told me what they believed in, forcing me to believe it too. But I had seen otherwise. I reasoned in vain. I was amazed at the stubbornness of the elders. Furious, I sought support of my lifelong friends asking them to come with me to the other side. I told them it was safe and if anything did happen, I would lay my life to keep them safe. They seemed torn between fear and friendship, or at least I would like to believe they were. They finally refused to go with me, and I still live in the hope that it was a tough choice for them. Shaken but not deterred yet, I decided to go alone. When I would return to tell my story, everyone would believe me I thought.

And off I went to the other side of the hill. It was as beautiful as our side, and its dwellers as guileless as us. Having spent two nights there, I started for my home. I told my folks about the other side. I insisted that I was alive and hearty was a proof all was fine. But no one talked to me! Reason had long left our abode. They saw me as a traitor; they refused to accept me as their own. Broken I went and wept in the lap of my mother. She was forbidden from speaking to me, but she let me cry in her lap, caressing me every now and then, tears falling down her eyes. I knew what she meant; I was a fool to have bared my heart to these people. They did not deserve me. I stayed in my house, lying in a corner. My friends deserted me and no one at home spoke to me. Everyone went on with their lives, while I lay there waiting for mine to end. I felt my whole life was a trap. I didn’t need a predator or a hunter to trap me, my own people were enough. That God made me catch a glimpse of the other side was so unfair. If he were to not change my circumstances, I was better off ignorant and happy like the rest of my people.

Then one day after almost a month of seclusion, my mother came to me distraught and asked me to leave the forest forever. Weeping she caressed me and said she could not see me like this anymore. I cried bitterly. The thought of leaving my mother was inconceivable.  I told the forest was where I belonged. I even lied that I was wrong. That when I played the events again and again in my mind, it seemed I had been hallucinating. That I would do anything to be with her and the rest of the people and I would forget all about the hill and the other side. My mother was beside herself with joy and told everyone about this. My friends came and embraced me, the elders blessed me. Everyone seemed alleviated from an unspoken indictment suspended on their heads. But blame my seclusion or my feeling of being betrayed, I began to resent everyone around me. I was not the same frolicker who would laugh freely and play around with everyone. I was not the selfless friend who would bare his soul and love unconditionally. I had seen the ugly side of the faces smiling at me benevolently. Now that I kowtowed to their beliefs they loved me again, while I like a fool had been, loving them for what they were and laughing off their flaws, respecting them regardless. Negativity crept deep inside me and I felt trapped in my own seething rage. And my rage was trapped in my silence.

Nothing they said or did felt good. I was like a serpent in captivity – looking at everyone with hatred, observing their every movement with caution, willing to bury my fangs deep into anyone who came close to me. This went on for more than a year. I was not happy and no one who came in my company could stay happy.

Then one night I had a dream. My mother was in it, crying, cursing, and asking me to go away before day break, before anyone saw me sullen one more time. I woke up in sweat, it was still very dark. Did I hear her heart murmur? Even in my delirious state, she was the only one who I thought meant me well. I quietly walked out of the forest and never looked back. I left the place where I was born, the friends I could once die for. I left life as I knew it. And I have been wandering since then.”

The deer listening all this while looked uncomfortably. This was exactly the kind of people his mother asked him to stay away from. Also, the day was coming to an end and he had not foreseen his friendly hobnobbing would lead to such a long monologue. Wanting his way out he smiled and stepped back.

“Ohkk.. Nice you got your way out. It was good talking to you, see you around!” and tottered away.

“The worst thing about a bad phase is that no one understands. Found my way out? I wish”, the golden deer thought to himself as he bent down to drink from the stream.


I used the Inspiration Monday prompt – “Heart Murmur” on this one.

A long tale to end the spell of inactivity on my blog! If you came this far, I am indebted! Thanks from the bottom of my heart! 🙂

Helios – Part 4 of 5

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

A night past, Rafael was still trying to come to grips with the situation. Helios was alive, the beast was dead, and he could hear the sound of celebration from a distance. He didn’t know what to do with Helios. If anyone as much as caught a whiff of treachery, his would be the first head under the axe.

So shaken was Rafael that he did not notice The Shadow enter the chambers and stand next to him. It was only when he heard the clearing of the throat that he looked up.

“I see you are upset”, she said in a petulant voice.

“You know what happened sister… Nothing’s hidden from you”, Rafael replied to his formless sister.

“Of course… Just this once I thought you were up to something promising. I am so used to being disappointed by you that it’s become boring”, her figure swam past the room towards the window.

Look out the window Brother”, she continued. “Do you see what I see?”

Rafael walked to the window. The dawn was breaking, it was quiet and as far as he could tell, there was no living soul except himself and his sister – if she qualified.

His sister was condemned to the shadows by Helios’ Master during one of their meditation sessions. No one knows to this day what had transpired. Rafael was also there. Master’s scream disrupted the silence. His sister was laughing like a lunatic.

I have seen it now, what are you going to do about it? She challenged the Master.

No one had ever seen the Master so furious.

I can’t kill you for I honor any trace of Royal blood that might have had the misfortune of flowing through your veins! But I shall condemn you to the Shadows and in the Shadows you shall remain, never noticed, oft ignored. The Master roared.

Helios tried to speak but Master raised his hand to stop him. That was the last time Rafael saw his sister in flesh and blood. She was just a shadow now, ignored by everyone except him.

“I don’t see anything sister, except that it will be morning soon and we have to do something about our caged nemesis” he replied.

The Shadow closed in on Rafael making him step back till he was pushed to the wall.

She whispered in his ear “Five… nay six men from the south, seven from the east and twelve on the main entrance of the dungeon… and Shira, leading them. Don’t look at me like that Brother. Why of course, you should know who you are dealing with. That man you have bound in chains and kept in your little hideout is Helios, and Helios is by no means a man to be taken lightly. Shira would be knocking… nay pounding… nay breaking the main door tomorrow around dusk if Helios doesn’t return by then on his own.”

“H… How?” Rafael could not speak out of shock.

“How do I know?” The shadow asked threateningly.

“N.. No… How d..does Shh…”

“Shira Know? She is Helios’ daughter, that’s how.”

She waited as a terrified Rafael dashed to the window like a deer stuck in a lion’s den.

“I have a plan”, The Shadow spoke again. “You either live in glory at the end of it or you die, but there is no middle path.” Seeing Rafael was still distracted she flew by the window and shouted in his ear, “Are you listening to me?”

“Wh..What plan?” Rafael fell on the ground.

“Go to Helios in an hour. Unshackle him. Challenge him to a duel”.

“That’s your plan?” Rafael looked at his sister’s shadow incredulously.

“Do as I say. I will come to your rescue when the time is right.” She said, deep in thoughts. “It’s now or never”.

“But I don’t think you can do anything in a duel of men. You are but a shadow after all”.

“Don’t you argue with me brother, and don’t you ever say I can do nothing. If it was so I’d be a harmless mortal like you. Now off you go, build some strength. Drink some of those juices of yours to keep you alive till a few of Helios’ blows”.

The Shadow receded leaving Rafael catching his breath and stilling his pounding heart as he reached for a vial and drank from it.


Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting before you… Helios Part 4!

I found a way of closing this behemoth story (by my tiny standards at least) that I set out telling a couple of weeks ago. This is the biggest saga I have ever written… My first, so not even close to the P of perfection… but a very good exercise…

I welcome concrit… Anything that shows scope of improvement. For example, I’d like to know if there was a way to reduce the length of this post without compromising on the content or the intent? I reduced quite a bit myself (yes, paragraphs!), but I am sure there is a lot more that could have been done. And any other feedback is welcome too!

I have used an Inspiration Monday Prompt for this one – “Look out the Window”.

I was supposed to conclude this story with the last to last week’s prompts. But I have a lot of lazy bones that prevent me from concluding any of my awesome plans as planned. But better late than never!

I will finish this very soon! May the force be with me! 🙂

Mirror Mask

“But she told me she bought her dress from Rodeo Drive last weekend!”

I smiled. “Why are you surprised? We know that she’s a habitual liar.”

“Yes… but she lied about her wedding dress! How can she?”

“Maybe she told you the truth and lied to me?” I suggested.

This got my friend thinking for a while.

“What did she say to you exactly?” she asked, eyes knitted deep in thought.

“Well, she brought up the topic without my asking. She said she hadn’t bought her dress yet and was planning to go to Chinatown this weekend”, I replied the hundred and one-th time. “But how does it matter?” I added jovially. “You know how she speaks in multiple tongues – whatever sounds the best to whoever, whenever. Her words are a reflection of your thoughts. And since I don’t care either ways, she might be just practicing a new lie on me. See her dress at the wedding and decide for yourself”.

“But this is not done!” My friend replied in dismay.

Sensing there was more to her displeasure I asked, “Why is this bothering you so much?”

“I…” She uttered and stopped, then continued with a sigh… “I fought with Jim because we cannot afford a dress from Rodeo Drive! My wedding is just a week after hers, I want to look better!”

“Oooh, Bridezilla!” I teased.

“Shut Up! I feel horrible now!” She replied gloomily.

“I am glad you don’t know about her wedding cake…” I muttered under my breath.

“What about it?” She shot back, her eyes piercing into mine.

It took her a few seconds to realize… Laughter!


My attempt for Inspirational Monday’s prompt – Mirror Mask, this week!

From what I gathered, Mirror Mask is a movie I have never heard of… And I am very sure the phrase has a very different context than how I have used it in my story. I will research the movie now, I wanted to keep my take on the prompt uninfluenced by it! 🙂

(To any die-hard Mirror Mask Fans I might have upset – My ignorance is my bliss! 😉 )

Helios – Part 3 of 5

Part 1, Part 2

Shira was standing on the cliff overlooking the castle when the gong resonated in the whole of Pacemenia. She had not once lost sight of the castle in the last two days since her father had left to fight the beast of Crumbling Castle.

A night before leaving for the duel, Helios called for his daughter and told her about Uncle Rafael’s most recent act of treachery. Shira was infuriated and suggested it was about time Rafael was put to task. Helios thought otherwise. He thought there was more to Rafael’s hatred than just greed for power, since Rafael knew that if Helios died, Shira would ascend the throne till her younger brother came of age. Rafael had no role to play. In fact he was better off with Helios alive as he had little support from anyone else in Pacemenia. Helios wanted to know what seethed Rafael’s heart and if he could replace it with love and benevolence.

What should I do father while you are gone? Shira asked.

Some extra wishes won’t hurt, Helios smiled. But I could live with one less person praying for me. Come by the cliff instead and watch the Crumbling Castle. Do as you deem appropriate depending upon what you see there.

And so Shira went to the cliff, keeping the castle under her vigil. Rafael paced around or slept under a tree. When the gong was blown, Rafael, resting under the tree, sprang to his feet and took out something from his bag. Then she saw her father collapse to the ground and Rafael standing shocked for a few seconds. Shira had mounted her horse when she saw Rafael chaining her father. He is still alive, she thought relieved.

Rafael dragged Helios with great difficulty to the dungeons. Panting and falling and slouching and resting after every few minutes. Shira was amused by the sight and watched for sometime before turning her horse to go to the beast’s castle.

The beast was alive but only for namesake. He was hallucinating with fear. Shira offered him water and asked him why he made the mistake of challenging Helios to a duel. The Beast blabbered incoherently.

The light… the light is intense… the darkness… the darkness is closing in…

The beast had nothing significant to offer and he was suffering by unknown demons of yesteryears. Shira slit his throat with her sword and closed his eyes. She stayed there for some time – head bowed and lips moving in a prayer for the departed soul.


I have no idea where I am going with this, it’s become a little boring if you ask me…  And I have missed the deadline of finishing the series too…

Anyway, this is third part of Helios series.

The Inspirational Monday prompt used for this one is – “Extra Wishes”

You can follow the links for Part 1 and Part 2.

Helios – Part 2 of 5

Helios – Part 1 

Helios looked around, his senses still sluggish but improving.

His muscles were slowly waking up. It would take longer to get his strength back. There was no time crunch anyway. Rafael was a fool to have kept him alive and with the beast gone, he was lost about what to do. The mediocre thug always caused inconvenience.

In contrast to what his plight commanded, he was still basking in the glory of his victory over the beast of the Crumbling Castle. The beast had lived in peace for years just outside the borders of Pacemenia – Helios’ kingdom. Then he had attacked a few wandering kids playing near his castle. Helios was aggravated, but he had still offered amnesty. The beast was too drunk in his arrogance. He had challenged Helios and announced proudly he will tear him into two halves. But the coward wanted no audience and demanded that the duel happen in closed premises of his castle, with only one person waiting at the main door for the outcome. Whoever won had to sound the gong in the arena. If it was the beast, the person waiting outside was sure to become his supper. Helios was still trying to piece it together when Rafael offered to be the onlooker. Helios had smiled and hugged Rafael benevolently, thanking him for this selfless act. It was that simple, Helios had thought to himself.

The fact that Rafael was a traitor was not hidden from him since his growing years. But the beast was a dangerous alliance. Not only was he strong, but he was also gullible. Rafael had a lot of enemies who were not in Helios’ best books either – a lot smarter enemies than the fool could afford. They could have used the beast as a pawn to destroy the kingdom and Rafael. The beast had to die.

Rafael had come dressed in white that morning. ”Mourning my loss already?”,  Helios had joked. Rafael had smiled slyly, embracing his half brother without offering any explanation.

The subjects of Pacemenia had greeted Helios on his way, not one of them thinking he would not return. Pacemenia had been ruled by Helios’ ancestors for centuries and each one of them had ensured Pacemenia’s safekeeping like family. Helios had been on the throne for twenty seven years now and had put his life on the line for Pacemenia on many occasions. The most venerated of all stories was when Helios had dug the soil by the Kamento Mountains, when the oracles had predicted there was a spring that could end the year long drought. Helios had dug with his bare hands when all the other men had tired and given up. And when the water had finally bowed down to his defiance, he had fed all the men who had helped him before tasting its sweetness himself.

When after two days of Helios leaving Pacemenia to fight the Beast, the sound of the Gong broke the stillness of the atmosphere, the dwellers of Pacemenia had erupted in joy, lighting the bonfires and preparing for the feast – such was their conviction that Helios was invincible.

Back at the Crumbling Castle, when Helios had walked out of the Gates, he was met by a shocked and confused Rafael.  Helios was tired but his humor had not left him. He had patted the back of Rafael, speaking between heavy breaths – “Next time Brother, when I’m having a bad day”.

Rafael had pushed Helios away with burning hatred and thrust a needle with the poison of the deadly Cicutia plant into one of his wounds. The poison was for the beast once he had killed Helios, but things had not worked in his favor. He had fed the beast with a specially prepared concoction from Anamamia plant that had quadrupled his strength. The beast was beside himself with joy and had smashed some pillars of his castle as Rafael had watched with satisfaction. To see Helios return victorious was like being hit by a bolt of lightning. It was impossible. Rafael had shuddered. Was it true, he had wondered, that Helios was indeed a manifestation of the God of Sun? That he had blessings of the keepers of Justitia?

Rafael had chained the drugged Helios and dragged him to the dungeons. Many a times he had considered slaying Helios with his sword, but every time he dismissed the thought, fearing what wrath of what powers that looked upon Helios would be unleashed on him.


This is Part 2 of my story.

I have planned to write a story using all the “Inpirational Monday” Prompts for the week. I have used the prompt – “Time Crunch” in this one.

Part 1 of the story can be found here.

I think I have goofed up the tenses in this write up.. I tried to maintain a uniformity and have proof read the whole thing too… but I still think there are issues… Concrit is welcome and I look forward to feedback from anyone who manages to read the whole thing (I know it’s a tad long 🙂 )

Helios – Part 1 of 5

The dungeon smelled of dampness. It was eerily dark and the only form of light was a candle in a corner. The flame stood still, poised in the dankness, not moving as though in respect of the captor of the walls.

Helios – The Invincible…  Rafael whispered menacingly in Helios’ ear.

Helios – The Messiah!  He shouted, shaking with rage.

Helios – Oh Helios, if only they could see you now. If only I could tie you to the foot of a donkey and take you to your subjects. The deluded rascals venerating you like God… But you are mortal, lying here comatose at my feet, where you truly belong.

Then why are you still afraid of me Rafael? Why have you chained me when you very well know the poison has affected me so much that I can’t even stand on my feet? And still, you have tied me so I can’t move the muscles that no longer take my command. I stand no chance in a duel with you if you choose to challenge me now. I knew you were dull, but this cowardice has let me down. You are my half brother for heaven’s sake; don’t malign the blood that runs through my veins. Challenge me you traitor! Helios growled.

Rafael laughed.

Heroic talks of valor and spirit! You think these insinuations have an effect on me? You think I care about your pristine bloodline? “The Keepers”, “The saviors”… I am the ugly blotch on your legacy. How does it feel to be “kept” like this unto death? To wish for some miracle to “save” you? How does it feel “Your Highness”, to have a devil like me share the father you idolize?

Helios smiled.

You love fishing for insults, don’t you? But calling yourself a devil is highly conceited even for your sake. It would take you many lives to be taken so seriously. You are but a little prick that hurts the sole of one’s foot when one is walking too fast. You go unnoticed most of the times and when you do come to attention, you are to be plucked out of the skin and thrown on the sidelines of the path. Call yourself a devil to humor yourself in the company of a charming lady you have coaxed into coming with you in exchange of some false promises or remuneration. She might, for a fleeting moment believe you, but I my dear Rafael, am better than that.

Rafael stared at Helios with hatred. Helios – in all his glory and grandeur, lay in front of him poisoned and chained, and yet his magnanimity was intact, his eyes shining like they always did. He commanded respect even in his helplessness. Rafael shrunk back in the shadows of the alleys, lost in his own insecurities.


This is an attempt for Inspirational Monday’s prompt – “Fishing for insults”.

I am planning to make a story using all the five prompts given this week in five different parts of the story.

I don’t have a clear plot yet, but I plan to end the story with this piece as an epilogue.  I had written it as part of Friday Fictioneers once not so long ago. 🙂

Hope to pull it off! 🙂

Vantage Point?

Save the Song

I will be gone

But save my song

And hear it when it’s been long.

Not to trouble you, not to cause pain

Not to put your frail heart under any strain

But just so it wasn’t all in vain.

I wrote that song for the times that were,

Since can we go back and make it blur?

Or can we move forward like it was never?

It was there then and now it’s gone

Let’s raise a toast and cherish our song,

And pray we get where we truly belong.

Save the Song?

Save the song?

Are you insane!

All you ever gave me

Was hurt and pain.

Your song is for you

It was never mine

Your treachery cut deep

Though your words were sublime.

You should reach

Where you truly belong

Good riddance,

Farewell to your song.


This is an attempt for “Inspirational Mondays” series hosted on  Be Kind Rewrite blog. The prompt for this post can be found here.

Since it’s my first time, not sure if I did it right! But I’d rather try and fail and learn than sit and watch from a distance! 🙂