Before the next flight

I had a turbulent landing a while ago – almost like a free fall for a few seconds – a woman was crying, the couple next to me were holding each other tightly, and to bring a finality to the pending doom the air hostess began speaking in an urgent, disturbed voice.

I was thinking “So this is what it feels like!” I thought what if this was it? Me alone on a plane, middle of nowhere – that’s it. How long before my family would know? Would they find me? I know it has happened with many, the missing Malaysian airlines being the most recent example, but there is a difference between when it happens on the news and when it happens to you.

I was wondering if I had said a proper goodbye to my husband before leaving in the morning, and calling out to God, since I have heard that if your final thoughts are about God you go to heaven(and I still maintain I’m not overtly religious). I also realized how much I love being alive. I am grateful that I lived to write this, and hopefully there will be more.

This also made me aware of the fact that I haven’t written about my marriage yet, and it has been exactly 7 months today. I got married in December last year and am in the “happily ever after” phase of my life. It has been the most interesting part of my life so far, has made me acutely aware of myself than anything else ever has. My husband stays as far away from books as I cling on to them. The only exception he makes to reading anything except news is my blog. He is practical while I am dreamy; I am thoughtful while he is impulsive. Together, we are making each other better people with every passing day.

I don’t have my wedding picture handy, but this is a picture of us from last weekend.


A Childhood

Some chatter, a caress
Laughter, eyes rolling
Secrets, Promises
Curious exploring

Vivid dreams
Active passive
Books, board games
Cartoons, comics

A brother, an angel
A baby, so beautiful
A tear, a smile
A friend for life

Singing, Dancing
Playing, Fighting
Forgiving, Forgetting
Being, living

Ideas, imaginations
Future evaluations
Philosophical dabbles
“Serious” discussions

A childhood, a flashback
Maddening, blissful
Unthinking, unflinching
Confusing, simple

Peace at Last

The edge, the brink, the threshold is where she stopped herself, only to look back one last time, for the sake of those she was leaving behind. A wave of a hand, a tear in an eye, a giddy smile on the lips, she wished them well and onward she went out of their realm. If her feet faltered for what she left behind, her heart hurried to what waited ahead. She stepped in the enlightened foyer – furtive yet fervent, weeping with joy, embraced by the warmth of the glowing light that shined ahead… Peace at last.

days give in to nights

chasing the frailties of life

such a waste of time


This is an entry for the Ligo Haibun Challenge.

The prompt this week is – Peace.

Besides being my first entry for the challenge, this also happens to be my first ever Haiku! I would love to hear from anyone who chances upon this piece as to what they think of my attempt. I look forward to constructive feedback, so please feel free to provide your 2 cents! 🙂

Thanks a lot Ye Pirate for educating me about this challenge! I enjoyed participating in it… attempted something new too — Haiku!! All thanks to you! 🙂

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On Life and Work…Well on Work…

Consulting is interesting. It engages you and indulges you and before you even realize, it sweeps you off your feet and into a whirlwind of unknown and untested. Never quite felt at home with what I was doing before.

There is no method to the madness and the comedy of errors has no end to it. It keeps you on the edge, makes you split your hair at times, and hits you where it hurts the most. But as you get used to the stink of the mess that’s around you, you do notice the faint sweet smell that lingers in the vicinity. Then it’s only a matter of time before that faint smell becomes the mainstream focus and the stink takes a backseat.

I also think that it’s Karma on fast-track. You get what you give and sooner than you know it. Even if you escape the direct heat by planning a quick exit strategy from the scene of crime, there are ways and means by which it gets back to you and hits you as hard as you deserve it. Hasn’t happened to me yet, not so much Bad Karma perhaps (not yet at least)!

I leave you with a song that has made me think of a new story every time I listen to it. But I haven’t even come close to penning down a single one of them. And I came across this song last year! So, this also serves as a shameful reminder of my procrastination! (But I haven’t given up on myself yet. I might just write a story and re-post the song with it.) Hope you enjoy the powerful voice! I just love it!

Losing Control

The left heel surged ahead without warning, pulling along the unaware knee coupled with it. Stuck in its sense of righteousness, the other foot stood grounded where it was, leaving the connected knee in a limbo.  Not knowing better the confused back tried to flee the scene in vain by yanking itself backwards. The conflicted right knee twitched in pain and finally caved in to the pressure of holding the weight of the entire body. The shock of the fall reverberated through my hips and rattled through my spine.

All I could manage was a weak smile as my friend gave me a hand and pulled me back on my feet. I am limping back on track slowly. Nothing seems to be broken… yet.

But only time will tell.

Friends for all seasons!

This was a super extended weekend and I made the most of it by meeting two of my dearest friends from school. While I keep meeting one of them every now and then (to my utmost pleasure!), I was meeting the other one after almost 8 years! It has been about 3 days now, but I am still basking in the glory of my friend (who was seeing me after 8 years) telling me that I have not changed at all except for becoming less serious and more expressive… so that’s progress! 😀

It is at times like these that the unsocial animal that I am, can’t help but concede that being social is a fundamental necessity of our breed. Imagine a life with absolutely no one to share a careless laugh with, or no one to share an embarrassing incident with! What would you do with an otherwise unnoticed comical observation if there was no one to share it with later? And imagine carrying the burden of all the pathos of life on your frail shoulders all the time!

Being a strong patron of solitude and personal space, I am quite amused by my admission to such thoughts and ideas. Perhaps it is a recent revelation, but I doubt that it’s a recent development. One needs pals, all the time!

The younger the age at which we make our buddies, the more pristine and guileless the equation is. For example, I can’t imagine saying things I say to my closest buddies in jest to someone I meet now. This perhaps is a very common observation, but I can’t help but wonder, when all of us feel the same, what makes us open up with the old buddies and act like an epitomized version of etiquettes with the rest of the world?

Whatever it is, I wouldn’t care to know.

As long as the few who matter are abreast, I shall happily sail through the rest!  🙂