On a Personal Note

I haven’t written in the longest time, and it has been much longer since I have meditated.

I meditate, not as much as I want to, but enough to realize what I lose when I am not meditating. I lose the power to solve my problems. I also lose the power to not conjure up problems where none exist. I think all the time; the amount of time I waste thinking and the monsters I create in the stories I whip up inspired from the happenings around me, make me think even more – on how to deal with these monsters and how to get myself out of these stories. But I can’t get out of something that’s inside my head, can I?

When I meditate, I can think clearly. I can tune out the noise, see things more objectively and hear the feeble voice of reason tell me what to do.

People often scoff at me; meditation to them is a retirement indulgence, when there is plenty of time to kill and nothing to do. I am too young for all that stuff I am told. Some even confuse it with religious activities. Meditation actually, is a state of thoughtlessness. Just listening to your surroundings, becoming aware of the present rather than chasing unseen butterflies your mind conjures in thousands every minute. It doesn’t need elaborate setups or yoga mats or Gurus or music or incense sticks. It just needs you to close your eyes and not think. And then you will be able to hear the thoughts that truly matter, that have been long waiting in line for your attention but you have been too distracted to notice them. For instance, I just meditated on a plane. That’s when the thought of writing this post came to my mind, among other productive thoughts that I haven’t had in a while. So I am writing it while I am in flight. I had been so involved in the thought of not liking the book I am currently reading and not being able to buy a new book before getting on the plane for a 6 hour long flight that I didn’t realize there were other things I could do too – like write this post! At least I am solving my other, more important problem – of deserting my blog.

Here is a very nice talk on Meditation: Andy Puddicombe: All it takes is 10 mindful minutes


Peace at Last

The edge, the brink, the threshold is where she stopped herself, only to look back one last time, for the sake of those she was leaving behind. A wave of a hand, a tear in an eye, a giddy smile on the lips, she wished them well and onward she went out of their realm. If her feet faltered for what she left behind, her heart hurried to what waited ahead. She stepped in the enlightened foyer – furtive yet fervent, weeping with joy, embraced by the warmth of the glowing light that shined ahead… Peace at last.

days give in to nights

chasing the frailties of life

such a waste of time


This is an entry for the Ligo Haibun Challenge.

The prompt this week is – Peace.

Besides being my first entry for the challenge, this also happens to be my first ever Haiku! I would love to hear from anyone who chances upon this piece as to what they think of my attempt. I look forward to constructive feedback, so please feel free to provide your 2 cents! 🙂

Thanks a lot Ye Pirate for educating me about this challenge! I enjoyed participating in it… attempted something new too — Haiku!! All thanks to you! 🙂

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