Losing Control

The left heel surged ahead without warning, pulling along the unaware knee coupled with it. Stuck in its sense of righteousness, the other foot stood grounded where it was, leaving the connected knee in a limbo.  Not knowing better the confused back tried to flee the scene in vain by yanking itself backwards. The conflicted right knee twitched in pain and finally caved in to the pressure of holding the weight of the entire body. The shock of the fall reverberated through my hips and rattled through my spine.

All I could manage was a weak smile as my friend gave me a hand and pulled me back on my feet. I am limping back on track slowly. Nothing seems to be broken… yet.

But only time will tell.

4 thoughts on “Losing Control

  1. oops! take care!
    BTW, more than the comment I want to post an appeal: Can anyone post the pic for this short (100?) worded story recounting a fall. I am eager to see my fav writer “in motion” and also am now habituated of visual impact of the abstract 100 words which leave me impressed

    1. haha Tejbir!
      You are not getting to see that pic!
      Thanks for the overall compliment on the 100 worders!
      I have started to enjoy that exercise a lot! 🙂
      But it’s unfortunate that there’s hardly anything else on my blog apart from them!
      Need to increase the frequency further to fill more of the other regular stuff here… hmm…
      thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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